Changing the Academic Outlook

Kansas City Neighborhood Academy (KCNA) is a Pre-K – 3 public charter school designed to transform educational outcomes for the children of Kansas City’s urban core.

KCNA is the result of a pioneering partnership between the Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI), the neighborhoods represented within UNI, and Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS). The partnership effort is designed to highlight what can be achieved when a charter school and large public school system work collaboratively for the best interest of children.

KCNA students will be creative problem solvers, skilled communicators, and reflective critical thinkers. Each aspect of the school’s design – including grade structure, staffing plan, and intervention model – has been thoughtfully crafted to support this vision of success.

Building a Better Future for Students in Kansas City

KCNA was created out of the desire to design a public charter school that would:

  • inspire adventurous and creative children – while strengthening our community
  • lead students to achieve at the highest academic levels
  • increase student enrollment in Kansas City Public Schools
  • attract new residents to the Kansas City urban core
  • provide the cornerstone for a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization effort
  • help break the cycle of poverty in the city’s urban core